Increase Your Confidence with Your Mind
How to Get Your Power Back  
Increase Your Income
Successful Sales
Using Hypnotherapy to Improve Your Life
Golf-  The “Mind” of Sports
Effective Learning Through Hypnosis, Etc.  

A specialized program created specifically for businesses and high achieving individuals. This Coaching program is geared to increasing self awareness,
developing self management skills, releasing blockages and improving influencing skills.

Benefits to the Individual
Ability to communicate more persuasively for prospecting, selling and negotiating
A greater sense of purpose and satisfaction at work
Elimination of self-defeating habits of thinking, feeling and behaving
Ability to balance work and personal priorities
Ability to manage stress in healthy ways
More focused and organized around priorities
Ability to sustain high self-motivation
More productive, satisfying and effective relationships
Cleaning up toxic relationships and situations
Ability to listen for motivations and intentions  

Benefits to Company
Increased sales revenues and reduced sales cycle
More loyalty and less turnover
Explosive boost in productivity and quality
Greater commitment to job
Reduced absenteeism
Higher efficiency/productivity
Consistent performance results
Greater effectiveness/teamwork
More energy and focus for work
Improved customer relations/customer loyalty  

Benefits to the Individual & Company

Working with corporate sales forces, Jonnata's Achievement Seminars offer the tools to increase the motivation of the sales force as well as teaches
them how to increase sales towards the end of higher commissions for the sales person and higher profits for the company. This seminar is especially
designed for each client, depending on the size and type of sales force. The seminar can be held on the corporate premises or at  a Phoenix Location which
is agreed upon between both parties.

Benefits to the Individual & Company

Jonnata works with businesses and corporations to provide smoking cessation and weight loss programs for employees. If your employee's are not out
smoking, they are getting more done! If they are not calling in sick, they are happier and so are you! These seminars can be held on the business site or at  a
Phoenix Location which is agreed upon between both parties.

Release Fear, Guilt, Negativity! No matter where you are on your journey through life this is a step you don’t want to miss! In this one day workshop you will
be given the skills and opportunity to take control of your life and to be the WINNER you really are and can be! It doesn’t matter your age, sex, or whether or
not your parents loved you, or any other issue you keep hanging on to. Let it go. It belongs to the past. You belong to the NOW! No matter what you have
been. No matter the wrong you may have done the mistakes you may have made the people you may have hurt or that hurt you, you are accepted. You’re
okay. So, love yourself, and nourish the seed within you. Begin NOW! Start ANEW! You are you, and that is all you need to be. You deserve to be everything
you want to be, to reach your goals, to be happy, healthy and to have abundance in your life!  This is your life!!!!

With these professional worskshops you are Guaranteed to Succeed!  For more information, contact Jonnata @ 623-261-9481.
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Jonnata Mata BCH/EFT-CC
Board Certified Hypnotherapist  
Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner TM
Consulting Hypnotist & Speaker